Welcome to archivesofconflict.wordpress.com also better known as ‘For the Record’. This newly created blog aims to provide analysis of modern conflict, security, and development issues that plague the modern world. Make no mistake man lives in the most uncertain of times with the capacity to create, evolve, and innovate, but also possessing a disturbing capacity to destroy itself in equal measure.


On that bright note, allow me to introduce myself and tell you about myself. My name is Matthew Williams. I am a graduate from Nottingham University with BA Honors in History and Ancient History, now aiming to study a MA in ‘Conflict, Security and Development’ at King’s College London (starting in September 2014). Twenty-two years of age, a keen sportsman (stints in football,rowing, and cycling), writer, and aiming to work in issues relating to conflict, security, and defence (including humanitarian operations) I am hopeful ‘For the Record’ will interest viewers both who take a liking to the international theater and those with a more general interest in modern warfare, conflict, regional crises, and more. The first few articles I post are previous ones from my old blog that you find interesting.

Let’s be realistic I won’t say the cliché statement that we are all human cuddly and loving. There are good and bad people in this world, many certainly not all intent to save the world, with a capacity for good with the belief everyone can be saved from poverty, death, and destruction and that we should all hold hands around the Tree of Life shouting ‘Make Love not War’, such a statement would be unrealistic and naïve. The world is like each individual. There are always problems, during the course of life whether you like it or not personal problems sometimes. Despair, frustration, anger, sadness, hard-work, anxiety , hopelessness, death, fear, cowardice and an endless array of conditions that stalk us continuously are simply things that will always exist whether we would like it or not. There will never be a time where enemies do not exist, terrorists will not lay down their devastating plans for society as a whole and skip merrily into the setting sun hand in hand with Obama and the West good as gold friends forever. There will always be people that seek to harm us and commit violence. Not to mention that man’s enemies are on both sides, every side and in each corner of the globe. There is always a problem on an individual and collective basis and ultimately how to deal with and adapt to those problems is the bigger question. A touch of realism is needed, but nevertheless though man’s ship is without a compass at the moment and is navigating through some of its most dangerous waters, I would like to be optimistic despite the uncertainty of our times! Enjoy, sign up, become a follower, I’ll listen out for you as much I talk! Hey look, a nice picture!


Matthew Williams



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